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Friend Purge [23 Aug 2008|10:54pm]
I dropped a lot of friends from my list who never comment or post anymore. Comment here if you want access. This LJ is still going strong!
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Friends Only [16 May 2006|11:58pm]
Hello. I'm still alive. I don't update this as often as I used to, as I try to centralize my online presence to my website.

I went and marked all my past posts friends only, so if you want to read them you gotta be my friend :)

If you want to keep up with my life and online discoveries from my main website, you can actually add my feed to LiveJournal.

It will kinda crap the last 15 entries from my website onto your friends page the first time you add it, but it will act normal after that.

And yes, I still read my LJ Friends page every day :)
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